Craigslist has been in online dating for a while now. It has helped many people to turn their sexual fantasies into reality. It was a platform where people could do more than dating. It also allowed people to find a place where they can buy and sell things. It had different categories where you could post things. There was one category where you would post something you would want to sell. Craigslist would help you get more customers due to its extensive user-base.

There was another category for escort services, which was the main thing on the site. People would post sexy photos of themselves to attract other users. People would come from different parts of the world to join the website and have sexual pleasure. With time there came other websites like Craigslist Personals free that took over online casual dating. These websites even provided a better experience than Craigslist did. Once you visit these sites, you will see that they are worth your time and money.

Alternatives To Craigslist Personals

Many Craigslist Personals type sites came after the shutdown of Craigslist Personals. Here are some of the best websites that have done a great job in replacing Craigslist personals.

DoULike main page

An excellent example of a free alternative to Craigslist Personals is the dating site. DoULike has established itself as a worthy replacement of Craigslist Personals. It is among the best dating sites when it comes to casual dating purposes. It is the perfect place for those looking for sexual satisfaction to get what they want with thousands of monthly active users. Its interface is somehow similar to Craigslist Personals. It is user-friendly hence easy to navigate through. It has many sexy women who want to get laid and are ready for you to do anything sexual to them.

Bedpage main page is another website similar to Craigslist Personals. It has catered to the needs of those looking for sexual pleasure for a long time. It is not only identical to Craigslist Personals in its looks but also in functionality. The website has thousands of daily logins and active users who are looking for sexual pleasure. The website offers reliable security to its users by curbing the cases of fake profiles and scams. It is better than Craigslist Personals because of its tight security measures. The website requests its users first to create a Bedpage account for them to use the site. You can be sure to have lots of fun on

OutPersonals main page is one of the great Craigslist Personals and Ashley Madison alternative that catered to the needs of gays. It has attracted many gays from across the globe to come to this site to find casual hookups. Its extensive user-base has increased the chances of finding a quick hookup on the site. One of the key features that have made the site outstanding is the blog posting option. You can post anything about yourself so that other users might see it and learn more about you. It provides users with what they need to make their online dating experience memorable. main page is among the sites like Craigslist Personals in almost all the aspects. Like Craigslist Personals, you can use to put individual posts for sales or use it for casual hookups. It provides users with a section with thousands of users to post what you want to sell. Apart from that, it also has users who have come looking to have sexual pleasure. The website allows those above the age of eighteen to join the platform since it may contain some explicit photos. It provides users with an app that you can download on your android or iOs device. It has helped users to access the website directly without browsing. personals is among the best Craigslist Personals free alternatives due to its superb services. The good thing about is that it does not have limitations. It allows people of all ages and tastes to join the website and enjoy its services. It has a massive registration base, ensuring you do not fail to find someone to hook up with on the site. It also cares for its users’ well-being; hence, it has robust security measures for users’ safety.

Doublelist main page is among the worthy Craigslist Personals competitors boosting thousands of monthly logins. It has borrowed some elements from Craigslist Personals, but over time it has become a better site than Craigslist. The website caters to the needs of the LGBT community. However, you will also find a few straight people looking to have a one-night-stand. Thus, it is paramount that the website provides safety and privacy, and has not disappointed in that. It has done everything it can to ensure it reduces fraud and fake profiles on the site. It has also ensured it follows all privacy policies and providing users with confidentiality.

Backpage main page is among the leading dating sites like Craigslist Personals. The website provides users with free services but also offers a premium user experience. It allows users to enjoy some features without paying. However, if you want to have full access to all the site features, you should upgrade your membership to a premium account. The good thing about is that it provides a fair pricing policy yet offers users superb services. It also provides a friendly and very active section that caters to the needs of the LGBT community.


Classified ads dating is one of the great alternatives to Craigslist Personals you can use to have sexual pleasure. Its ‘personals’ section looks similar to that of Craigslist Personals. It has many dating options that ensure it makes the experience of users unforgettable. The website does not discriminate against anyone since it allows all kinds of sexual-orientation on the site. It provides a reliable searching algorithm that ensures you get your perfect match. It also provides users with a dedicated support team that ensures users are comfortable. Despite still being a small dating platform, it is rapidly gaining popularity in the world of dating. is among the leading free sites like Craigslist Personals that cater to the needs of horny people. It allows horny people to have sexual adventures of their choice since it provides all the sexual encounters you can think of. The good thing about is it searches for a partner who is near your area. During registration, it requests users to provide their locations to help the site locate partners near you. Apart from being an excellent casual dating site, it is also an ideal platform to buy and sell various goods. It provides users with a section where they can post anything they want for advertisement.

SeekingArrangement main page

Are you looking for sites similar to Craigslist Personals? If you are, look no further. is among the great Craigslist Personals alternative sites since it provides everything users need. The good thing about the website is that it is diverse since it allows users with all sexual encounters. It is also a great site to find sugar daddies. Joining the platform is easy and does not require a lot of information. You will first need to create your account, define your terms, state your expectations, and add a profile picture. It is also essential to create an attractive profile if you want to attract other users. It has members from more than a hundred countries; hence you can be sure to get the partner who fits your requirements.

Are Alternatives To Craigslist Personals Legit?

Back in the days, Craigslist Personals was one of the great casual dating sites you can use. It has a section called Personals that catered to the needs of those looking to have casual encounters. The internet back then was different from the way it is now. Therefore, the site sparked some controversies that led to its shutdown.

However, good news to Craigslist Personals fans since from then, many Craigslist Personals similar sites emerged. The good thing about these Craigslist Personals alternatives is that they provide better security to users. Most of these alternative sites have licenses making them legit for users to use. The above websites, like Craigslist Personals, provide users with outstanding security measures. They have done a great job in reducing the cases of fake profiles and fraud. Therefore you do not need to worry about these websites’ legitimacy when using them for casual dating.


There are many apps like Craigslist Personals, but the above sites are among the best you can find. The above sites provide users with a memorable online experience that makes them want to return more. As much as Craigslist Personals was an excellent casual dating site, these alternative sites are far much better. They offer even more than what Craigslist Personals did. If you want to have the best casual encounters, try any of the above websites, and you will not regret it.

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